There are various types of bongs to smoke from, and if you’re an experienced smoker, you’re probably already aware of this. Bongs range from different types of sizes, materials, shapes and designs. It may seem like that there is a never-ending list of the kinds of bongs you can choose from, from silicone bongs to empire glassworks bongs for instance. Bongs are one of the most popular smoking methods in the world, and they were even used by Royalty Bank in ancient times to smoke dry herbs. However, when you’re thinking of buying a bong, there are a lot of different things you need to consider. Bongs are made from different types of materials like glass, plastic and silicone. The second most used material for making bongs is plastic, since it is extremely durable and doesn’t break when dropped. Granted you’’ have a mess when they break, but at least there won’t be any glass pieces around.

Another material used for making bongs is ceramic. Ceramic bongs are much heavier compared to plastic bongs. Ceramic is also very fragile, so you don’t want to bring this out as much as you would want to bring your plastic bong out. Bong crafters like empire glassworks bongs, creates bongs in many shapes and sizes. Because of their creative shapes and design, ceramic bongs are less affordable than plastic bongs. Cutting straight to the point, ceramic bongs aren’t for conventional daily use, but they are an excellent choice for special occasions. They can also look great as decoration pieces.

Some bongs are also made of metal. Metal bongs can be very hard to find because hardly any manufacturer masters in them. These bongs last for a very long time and come at affordable prices if you can find them. But they are very hard to find because they are less in demand. Metal bongs can change the taste of the smoke, and it is hard to tell how clean they are. The taste also depends on the design. Multi-chamber bongs, for instance, have a cooler smoke and the hits are smooth. They are also referred to as recycler bongs. The standard design is based on the straight tube, though it can also come with different shaped chambers. These kinds of bongs require the skills of experienced glassblowers. Empire glasswork bongs are known for their innovative products in the smoking industry. They offer a wide range of product types so that every smoker can find something truly unique.