When it comes to puffing a quick-smoke, marijuana lovers prefer rolling up a joint wherever they may be. However, if you aren’t in a hurry, there are plenty of better smoking options out there. Pipes and bongs are a lot more convenient than rolled-up joints or blunts, and they offer plenty of advantages over the other as well. There’s a reason why bongs are so popular among smokers, and quite like pipes, they offer an effective and quick smoking experience. All you need to do is pack the herbs into their bowl, light it up and inhale. While bongs are very similar to pipes in this sense, the former is slightly different because it uses water as a filter to purify the smoke and provide cleaner hits. This is also why some people also refer to bongs as water pipes.

Interestingly, bongs and pipes aren’t just better for smoking convenience. In fact, some studies found that using pipes and bongs over other smoking methods also resulted in some key benefits for the user. Each of these accessories is beneficial as they can filter smoke – either with water or specialty filters. These added filters help remove unhealthy toxins and impurities from the smoke, while also cooling it down for an extra smooth hit every time. This is why most smokers start from rolling papers and upgrade to pipes and bongs. Additionally, there are so many affordable and high-quality accessories in each category that it is difficult to say no. You will find that most of these are designed for at-home use but are still so colorful and intricately designed that they can spice up your smoking experience. You can also enjoy mini pipes and bongs on-the-go as well since they are very portable and easy to carry discreetly.

Both pipes and bongs are designed for daily use and are commonly used to smoke the cannabis flower. If you were looking for a stronger high, either of these accessories could also be used to smoke cannabis concentrates. These concentrates generally don’t burn really well. However, adding products like Shatter to your cannabis flower in the bowl to experience stronger effects. In a nutshell, pipes and bongs are the perfect solutions for users who are looking for a quality experience with minimum effort. Not only will they provide better quality hits, but they will also result in a toxin-free and longer-lasting high. Now all that’s left to decide is which of those brilliant designs sparks your interest.