The glass blowing movement exploded ever since medical and recreational cannabis laws were broadened. The cannabis industry is constantly developing and opens up endless avenues for artisans to come up with unique smoking devices and methods of smoking cannabis. Since the cannabis concentrate market is the newest parallel development, it has introduced a few improved devices that cannabis smokers may still be unfamiliar with. Most people hear their friends claiming they have the best mini dab rigs and wonder whether it’s just a fancy new name for a bong. Glass bongs may have been the preferred smoking method for decades, but dab rigs are the new trend in the market, and we’re about to teach you a thing or two about these tools.

In simpler times, concentrated cannabis was just dark blocks or balls of wax that were sourced in from Afghanistan, Morocco, or Nepal. However, now the options in your local cannabis dispensary may leave you speechless. Cannabis concentrates are now offered with very strong potencies and a larger variety of colors and consistencies. Since the concentrate market is willing to offer tokers with the best quality of high, it only seems fitting to equip them with the best mini dab rig as well. Mini dab rigs are intricately designed tools that are used for the consumption of cannabis extracts, oils, and concentrates. These tools are usually made of glass and consist of a nail or a dome to heat the product. It’s quite simple – first, you heat the dome or nail with a blow torch, press the concentrate on the heated surface and then inhale the smoke from the viola or mouthpiece.

Now, you might be wondering about the difference between a dab rig and a mini dab rig. There isn’t much difference apart from the fact that mini dab rigs are more portable. However, from the glass blower’s perspective, the best mini dab rigs are tougher to design, which adds to the overall value of the tool. Apart from this, most dabbers prefer mini dab rigs because they are less prone to crack or break as opposed to bigger designs. Some experts might also suggest that mini dab rigs make the experience far more potent and better-tasting since you are dry dabbing. The possible explanation behind this is that since the vapor from the concentrate gets filtered by a lesser amount of water, therefore the user may consume more herbs from the mouthpiece. There’s only one way to find out, though – try your first concentrate smoking experience with the best mini dab rigs in the market.