Are you looking for a dab rig that can go with you on your adventures? A conveniently travel sized rig is exactly what you need when your schedule takes you out of the house. If you haven’t heard of a banger hanger dab rig before, it is the solution that you have been looking for! This handy rig is a convenient size and shape and each piece is unique, ensuring that you will get a rig that is as special as you. This kind of rig is also great because they offer a bend in the neck and a beaker shape that is going to reduce backsplash no matter how hard you take a hit. You can look for a ninety-degree angle on the nail and a diffused down stem that is going to help to cool your hit before it reaches your throat. When you are searching for convenience and great performance that’s going to give you versatility that you need, a banger hanger rig is exactly what you need. If you are looking for recommendations, be sure to reach out to us; we’re always here to help you find the perfect rig for your needs.