While the winter winds are blowing outside. Many people are stuck indoors for much of it. One of the things we can do to keep ourselves entertained and happy throughout the tough winter months is to smoke. We can do that with pipes that show individuality with unique or uncommon glass pipes. Handmade pipes that are made by great small companies that can bring a smile to your face or a buzz to your bowl. Thank you for stopping by the blog and thank you for reading. In this edition of the blog we will be talking about and previewing several glass pipes. They are all well-made and durable and are all works of art in their own individual ways. The first glass pipes we look at are the Chameleon Glass Weed Whacker Chillum Glass Pipes. They are a good starting point pipe for small hits and are good looking enough to keep you coming back for more. They are also reasonably priced at less than $20. It is made of crushed glass and is small enough to travel with if needed to.

The second glass pipe we preview is the Owl Tree Spoon Pipe by Empire Glassworks. This is a pricier option but is absolutely stunning and looks like a cartoon on the end of a pipe. For a fair $120 you can have the work of fiction fantasy and fun in your collection too. This deep set owl’s nest with the design of a nature scene is wonderfully charming and is ready for you to explore the forest with whenever you are ready. There are many other glass pipes that you can consider that are out there. There are larger ones and different types but that is going to be saved for a future blog or for your own research.

We would like to thank you for stopping by the blog today and for reading. We truly hope that you found what you need and find a glass pipe to fit your needs. If you choose a great pipe that is all that you want, then take a picture of it and send us an email describing your story and we might be able to use it in a future blog. We love to hear from our readers and clients so please reach out with any questions. Stop back by again soon for more blogs. We post them regularly.