Hello and thank you for coming by. Today in the blog we will be going over several different glass smoking supplies and how they can help with your personal enjoyment or make great gifts. We might go over why you need each one and what they can be used for, but only if we remember. It’s 420 around here right now. Some of the glass accessories that can be used for smoking are one-hitters, and pipes. These are the most common that you can use glass for. Glass is simple to clean and easy to keep up with and is a really durable material. Pipes of course come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors and there are some really fun and clever pipes out there made totally from glass. We will have a look around and preview several of the glass pipes and how much they cost and if they have anything unique about them, we will point those things out. Stick around until the end of the blog to get the most out of it and write us and let us know about any questions that you might have about glass pipes and accessories or whatever you can think of.

The Chameleon Glass Stryder Pipe is a popular Sherlock Design hand pipe that is a unique looking creation. It has a flat bottom so it will stay put in between hits. This gorgeous pipe can be yours for around $30. It makes a grand gift. Another great gift is the Shotgun shell pipe. It packs a wallop in this small package and is bright red so it’ll be hard to lose. It is made by Empire Glassworks and is convenient enough to fit in your pocket or makes a great Christmas stocking gift. Another great glass accessory is the Eggplant Emoji Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks. It looks just like the Apple emoji and is wonderfully crafted. The colors really stand out and this makes a great centerpiece of a collection or as a gift for someone that really appreciates the emoji life.

Thank you again for dropping by the blog. If you find a pipe that you love make sure to write in and send us a picture and the story behind it and we might be able to share it in a future blog. We love to hear from our readers and friends out there so be sure to write in with any questions you have.