If you have just learned about concentrates and are excited to take the dive into experimenting with them, welcome! You are going to find a huge range of concentrate pipes for sale, meaning you can find the perfect rig for your unique needs. The best choice for many people is to shop online to find the right size, shape and features to make your contrate experience that it can be. Like with most pipes, brands offer a huge variety of features that make each pipe unique and perfect for different smokers. The first step to picking out the right concentrate pipe for you is usually going to be size. You can usually help narrow down your options by considering how big your hits are likely to be, what kinds of features are important to you and how much storage space you have when you aren’t using your new pipe. Once you have a good idea of the size that is going to be convenient, you can decide on features, including fun options like flared mouthpiece, an incycler recycler, a showerhead perc, a removeable mouthpiece, a honeycomb percolator and so many more. The right concentrate pipe is out there, just waiting for you!