Glass smoking pipes come in various shapes and sizes. The type of glass smoking pipe you choose depends on the amount of substance you want to smoke. The exact origins of glass pipes are unknown, but it’s said that the evolution of glass making technology played a crucial role in their development and evolvement. The colors, shapes, and overall attractiveness of glass pipes didn’t go unnoticed by smokers. Smokers quickly realized the benefits of smoking with a glass pipe. Glass pipes produce a flavor that’s much better than other types of materials used to create smoking devices. The glass pipes you’ll find in the market include chillums, spoon pipes, sherlock pipes, bubblers, and steamrollers. When you look through glass smoking pipes on sale, consider the glass type, pipe style, and brand. The glass smoking pipes that are currently on sale include the GRAV LABS Arcline Series Hemisphere Bubbler, the Empire Glassworks Sriracha Sauce Rig, and the Empire Glassworks Avocadope Bong.

The GRAV LABS Arcline Series Hemisphere Bubbler is 6 inches in height, features a thick clear glass, and is hand blown. The Empire Glassworks Sriracha Sauce Rig is for people who need Sriracha sauce on almost everything they eat. It’s 6.5 inches in height, features a 14mm female reinforced banger hanger and male dichro bowl part, made from thick glass, and has a three-slit barrel diffuser. Its diffuser slowly percolates the vapors to provide you with a smooth and filtered smoking experience. Plus, it looks like a display piece that you would put for all to see and admire in your home.

The Empire Glassworks Avocadope Bong is a glass pipe designed for avocado enthusiasts. If you love avocados and glass smoking pipes, this glass pipe combines both of your loves. This glass pipe is 6.5 inches in height, features a 90-degree joint, a 14mm joint and a male avocado bowl, and a three-hole fixed diffuser downstem. The avocado-themed glass pipe features three glass avocados with one dedicated to holding your favorite smoking substance. You’ll find several slits at the end of the perc that work to create filtration bubbles as you smoke. The intricate detailing and design of the glass pipe will not just leave you impressed, but others as well. Which one will you buy? Get a glass pipe according to the substance you plan to smoke, the design you prefer, and your budget. Invest in one of the glass smoking pipes for sale now!