Dab rigs are taking the smoking world by storm and experienced bong rippers find them to be a cooler and smoother smoking alternative to most pieces. They tend to be smaller pieces, around 8 to 11 inches, because they are essentially producing vapor and not smoke. They have filtration technology features and even the less expensive ones come with a filtered downstem for cooler hits.

They have many variations, like nano rigs that pack quite a punch for their size and recycler rigs that make for even cooler and smoother hits. Recycler dab rigs often use an additional filtration chamber, splash guard and reservoir that bring the smoothest and tastiest of hits. The popularity of dabbing has also introduced electronic variants, or E-rigs. They typically use a ceramic heating part unit to a power source, which heats a quartz unit where the concentrate is placed.

The best part of E-rigs is that they remove the element of guessing the right nail temperature. This is because they come with built-in pre-set temperature settings, so you will never have to use a laser temperature gun for your perfect hit. They make for excellent precise dabbing because the nails on e-rigs have the ability heat faster than any other nail, including quartz nails. Dab rigs are the latest, smoothest and coolest way to experience smoking and we highly recommend smokers to try them out.