Bongs are made up of four primary materials. Those materials are acrylic, silicone, ceramic and glass. It can help if you know the differences between these materials and what each unique bong has to offer. Bongs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are durable and lightweight, which is why they don’t break easily. The most significant benefit of acrylic bongs is that they are the most affordable. This makes them an excellent option if you’re strapped for cash. As is with acrylic pieces, ceramic bongs are also available in all manner of designs and measurements. One can easily find them in various creative designs looking like mushrooms, dragons, fruits, wizards or anything else that inspired the designer. Ceramic bongs make excellent conservation pieces, and when they sit somewhere out of the way, like a shelf, their appearance doesn’t draw attention as well.

Most cannabis smokers who are just starting out with bongs or those who don’t have the deepest pockets, usually start with acrylic bongs. Acrylic is a type of plastic, which means that these bongs can be mass-produced. This factor makes them a lot more affordable than glass bongs. Even if you do drop your acrylic bong, the replacement costs aren’t that much. Apart from acrylic, silicone bongs are unique bongs. Silicone has long been used to make baking molds and cookie trays, and it’s now becoming popular for cannabis users. Since nothing sticks to silicone, it is the go-go material for resin containers, but it is also easy to find bongs made entirely from silicone.Silicone bongs also have the advantage of being soft and pliable just like rubber. You could even play soccer with it, and it wouldn’t break!

Silicone bongs are a great option if you have clumsy friends who have a history of breaking things. They are perfect party pieces. And since silicone bongs are light, soft and can’t break, they are also a great option for traveling. They are sturdier than acrylic bongs so you can squeeze them into your luggage or backpack and you don’t need to worry. Another huge benefit of silicone bongs is that they enhance the taste of whatever it is you’re smoking. They won’t make the smoke harsh as some other options. This isn’t too surprising, as a good silicone bong is normally made from the food-grade silicone that is used in cooking. Silicone bongs are very easy-to-clean. You could even throw them into the dishwasher and your silicone bong will come out unaffected looking brand new.