How will a tornado perc bong impress your friends? A tornado bong or water pipe lets you and your friends enjoy the complete flavor of herbs. Each time you take a hit of your bong, the flavors will hit you. The tornado bong looks cool and offers excellent delivery of flavor. What is a tornado bong exactly? It’s a water pipe featuring a turbine perc or cyclone at the top of a perc stack or at the bottom. The turbine perc resembles a disc or is in an angled tube, directing smoke flow to produce that tornado effect. A tornado bong includes several stacked cyclone percs, a single cyclone disc, or a combination of different disc percs. They enhance the smoking experience and can even work as conversation starters due to their bold and unique design. To produce a magnificent tornado effect, you need to form a thicker smoke. The thicker the smoke, the greater the tornado effect will be. It’ll leave your friends impressed for sure.

How do tornado bongs work? Tornado bongs feature angled tubes or slits that circle around in a disk. When you take a hit, the pressure applied will force the water to enter the slits. The water will then follow the path of the tubes or slits. This helps create a tornado or turbine effect inside the tornado bong. As the water spins, it causes the smoke to mix with the water. As the smoke twirls inside the turbulence, the water lowers the smoke temperature and removes debris. When the smoke twirls inside the water, it separates debris and resin with each spin to provide you with smooth and clean smoke.

Do you need strong lungs to take a drag and create the tornado effect? Unlike some other percs, the tornado perc bong is equipped with a turbine that doesn’t require a lot of pull to generate smoke. You can create the swirling action with just a slow and steady drag. If you don’t have a strong lung capacity, a tornado bong is perfect for you. This water pipe also doesn’t produce a bubbles stack or give you a lot of diffusion for percolation. The downside is that in comparison to a honeycomb perc bong or tree perc bong, it doesn’t give you the same level of filtration as they do. If you’re a beginner or want to create a tornado effect, you should get the tornado perc bong for your personal use or share it with your friends, doing the puff, puff, pass.