A recycler dab rig is a unique kind of dab rig, intended to give you the finest smoking experience. It combines a potent and palatable dab with the smoothest bong hit possible. It uses an additional filtration chamber to give you a clean, flavorful and smooth hit. They are appropriately named recycler due to the internal loop in the piece that recycles the smoke for each hit.

When you take a hit from the piece, the smoke moves to the water reservoir and from there the water and smoke move together through percolators, a secondary chamber, and finally the separation tube. This procedure carries on until you finally decide to inhale. Recycler dab rigs bring an attractive and unique look to your dab rig but they also have other benefits.

The process of filtration through water, secondary chamber and separation makes for a far smoother hit than usual. It even allows you to smoke more concentrates and oil, one after the other, because the hits are super cool compared to other rigs or bongs. Additionally, the splash guard prevents any splashes from ruining your hit. All in all, recycler dab rigs bring more smoothness, flavor and taste to your dab experience, which is the main reason most people decide to dab in the first place.